MacMed Healthcare is very proud to be able to exclusively offer the Repose® range of product to our customers. The Repose range is synonymous with excellence and therefore fits perfectly into our philosophy of providing world class products to the ongoing benefit of our clients and their patients” Some key facts.

  • Repose has contributed to the successful treatment of more than 1 million patients in the UK.
  • The Repose mattress is reactive, it reduces contact pressure by immersion.
  • More patients are currently treated on Repose than any other pressure redistribution mattress in the UK.
  • Repose offers a similar level of benefit to powered units in preventing pressure ulcers, with the potential for major cost reduction.

Repose® comprises a range of unique pressure area care devises which have been used in the successful treatment of more than one million patients to date.

Providing effective pressure redistribution for all people at risk of developing pressure ulcers, including those assessed as very high risk, Repose® is also appropriate for people with pressure related tissue damage.

Manufactured from specialised thermoplastic urethane films (TPU), a multi-stretch, moisture vapour permeable material which provides a non-allergenic, soft and smooth user interface minimising friction, reducing shear and consequential tissue damage.

Repose® adopts the most natural and effective method of pressure relief and redistribution by reducing the pressure exerted at the interface between the patient and the contact surface area and redistributing – pressure without compromising surrounding tissue.

Lightweight and durable, no other system has been shown to be more effective and less expensive. More people are currently treated on Repose® than any other pressure redistribution mattress in the UK.