MacMed Healthcare are the leading provider of pressure wound prevention technology. Our innovative staff are continuously developing and sourcing new technology and product that assist in the prevention of pressure injuries. Whilst pressure reducing mattresses are the first and most common line of defence there is growing and significant awareness particularly in the USA and UK markets around pressure injuries from devices.

Based on the policy that prevention is better than cure, MacMed Healthcare have introduced the MacMed
Dermis Plus Gel Pad and Dermis Plus Gel Strip to assist with pressure off loading, in difficult to reach and
treat areas.

The Dermis range is proving to be a perfect solution from a patient aspect as it is very comfortable and highly effective. It is also a very cost effective solution for the carer and reduces their stress around the incidence of dealing with pressure injuries.


Dermis Plus Gel Pads and Dermis Plus Gel Strips are recommended for pressure off-loading in patients that are medium to high risk of developing compromised skin integrity issues such as pressure ulcers, skin tears or calluses due to unrelieved pressure, shear and friction.