MacMed Dermis Plus GelPads and Dermis Plus Gel Strips are soft, conformable and elastic, and may be used for many different applications such as:


  • Contains a cross-linked, three-dimensional polymer gel impregnated with a medical grade mineral oil that softens, moisturises and lubricates the skin.
  • Greatly reduces shear and friction to the skin.
  • The gel flows in all directions when subjected to weight or pressure, therefore vibration, friction and shear forces are minimised.
  • High elasticity ensures a return to the original form after being stretched.
  • The polymer gel conforms easily to bony prominences providing superb comfort and primary pressure relief.
  • The gel has a ‘memory’ and will quickly return to its original form after being stretched or manipulated, and has an elasticity of 400%.
  • All products in the range are washable with mild soapy detergents and reusable.
  • Dermis Plus Gel Pads and Dermis Plus Gel Strips are gentle on the skin, hypoallergenic, non toxic and hygienic.
  • Dermis Plus Gel Pads and Dermis Plus Gel Strips may be cut and shaped to size according to need.