Established in January 2000, MacMed Healthcare is a leading manufacturer and provider of superior pressure redistribution and skin integrity products throughout the Australian healthcare sector. Our extensive range comprises of mattresses, chairs, cushions, wedges, foot stools, falls prevention and skin protection products.

Manufactured from the finest hospital grade materials, all MacMed products are configured to exacting specifications, and rigorously tested by an independent NATA accredited laboratory for suitability, durability and compliance.

Our strategic alliances with global manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke healthcare products contribute to our preeminence in the custom manufacturing field. The team at MacMed Healthcare possesses vast clinical experience, with the ability to prescribe tailored solutions to individual clients and healthcare institutions.

We are committed to reducing the incidence and prevalence of pressure ulcers and other skin breakdown conditions. We are proud to distribute Repose®, Dermis and the Asklé Santé range, all internationally manufactured products.

MacMed Healthcare has successfully fulfilled major public and private tenders including 10,000 pressure-reduction mattresses in acute care, and an exclusive state-wide procurement for more than 3,000 mattresses in the aged-care sector.

Who We Are

Martin J ThomasManaging Director/CEO
Martin holds a Bachelor of Business in Institutional Management has worked extensively in aged care as the owner operator of two residential aged care facilities for the elderly.  He is passionate about skin integrity education and frequently conducts training sessions and product information sessions across Australia. Martin is now heavily focused on growing the MacMed businesses in the UK and mid western USA. 
Carolyn M ThomasNational Clinical Manager
Carolyn holds a Diploma of Nursing and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Studies and has worked as a registered nurse for over 20 years. Most recently she was the Nurse Manager of an independent 30 bed aged care facility before joining MacMed Healthcare in 2006.  Carolyn has had extensive experience in caring for clients with skin integrity issues and is a certified trainer.

Why MacMed?

MacMed is widely recognised as the leader in wound care and skin integrity management in Australia.

We have built the business on three key pillars; namely, market leading product, world class service, strong financial controls. We live the ethos that prevention is better than cure and will only invest in products that are the leaders in their specific fields and have proven quality.

This strategy has led to MacMed being appointed as exclusive Distributors in Asia for all the products in our range.

  • All MacMed mattress are classified as Class 1 medical devices, the only medical mattresses in Australia to have this classification
  • MacMed mattresses are entirely manufactured in Australia using Australian expertise and products developed to highest specifications
  • MacMed understands Australian conditions and as a result has developed products that best suit local conditions, e.g. MacMed is the exclusive supplier to the Northern Territory Health department
  • MacMed mattresses are the only hospital mattresses in Australia to be sanctioned and endorsed the National Asthma Council
  • All foam products are treated with Ultrafresh for the prevention of dust mites, bed bugs, mould and fungal spores
  • Ultrafresh is free from pesticides resulting in the Asthma Council endorsement
  • All our foam products have been designed by medical professionals with the patients care and health at the forefront
  • MacMed will make any mattress to size requirement requested by the Customer – the only bespoke manufacturer in the Country
  • MacMed is recognised in the industry for it’s incomparable quality and durability
  • MacMed covers all of it’s foam products in Bravo Excel fabric, the only Company in Australia to have this fabric exclusively. It is a barrier textile, resistant to harsh chemicals and can be cleaned with any hospital grade disinfectant including Bleach
  • MacMed is the exclusive distributor in Asia for: The Respose range of products, The Dermis range of products, The Askle Sante range of products, The “Comfortable” range of Hip Protecta products
  • MacMed has also developed it’s own range of skin protection products
  • Through focus on strong financial controls our pricing is highly competitive and the business has grown despite the influx of cheaper imports of imitation product
  • MacMed is in the unique position where it provides a trial service to the community care sectors where prospective patients can trial a number of our products before they buy
  • Quality staff delivering world class service and with the knowledge to educate customers both formally and in the workplace